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How do you engage employees on their mental health?

First, the basics. We know that a mentally fit workforce is a productive workforce

We also know that employee stress and burnout are at record highs, and are costly issues

These days, providing mental wellness services is the standard. However most companies aren't seeing a return on investment...

Even though you can get up to 5x ROI on your mental health investments

So, is your organization seeing this rate of return?

If not, then we need to simply ask: are your benefits even being used?

Despite both employers and employees knowing how important mental health is, engagement is another story

Many companies are missing opportunities to genuinely engage their people on their mental health

That's why we provide interactive employee experiences that validate mental health within your organization, while boosting employee engagement and comfort with your mental wellness benefits  


Let's take your people on a journey

Not just to have an engaging experience - but to overcome mental health stigma in your culture, build team connection, and provide employees with real skills to increase their quality of life.

Genuine connection is our foundation. It invites your people to learn, and also allows us to get the best data from them. No more boring surveys. By integrating our specialized polls into live experiences facilitated by professionals, we can get a more honest picture of the state of mental health in your workplace.

Smart Strategy


Real Connection

Revamping your wellness investments

Let's take the guesswork out of measuring workplace well-being. Too often organizations throw wellness initiatives at the wall to see what sticks. Instead, we use a hands on and data-driven, approach. We show you exactly what areas your people need the most support, and where they're doing well.

Mental health is complex. Our reports give you snapshots that make it easier to measure. Instead of investing in generalized wellness programs that may not even get used, you can use this data to target your future wellness initiatives smartly. 

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