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Team Meeting

Team Experiences

Creative collaboration can be a messy process. Whether you're in an artistic industry or simply take an innovative approach to problem solving, everyone shows up with their own internal challenges and traumas to some degree. This leads to tensions between project needs and individual wellness. Yet these challenges can be a mirror for self-growth, benefiting both creative outcomes and people’s mental health at the same time.

We help teams nurture their creative process for a more effective and empathetic exchange of ideas. It’s all about making the mess work for you.

Team Experiences

Half to full-day interactive events driven by your organization's specific needs. We collect valuable data during this process and provide your team and leaders with a custom action plan.

Mental Health Check-In

Mental Health Check-In

The starting point for teams that want to clearly understand and support the mental wellness of their people. Our approach teaches evidence-based skills to participants while gathering key insights on individual well-being. Your leaders get a bird's eye view of what's happening on the ground.

Transformative Leadership Training

Transformative Leadership Training

A journey of both self-discovery and team growth that builds resilient leaders. We pair high-level skills development with reflections on personal leadership style, allowing for a more self-informed and innovative approach towards managing others.


Immersive deep dives into various topics. They can be combined in an a-la-carte manner for a unique and tailored experience.

Stress Management and Awareness

Incorporate evidence-based mindfulness and mental health skills into your team culture for a more calm and productive energy within your organization.

Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Empower your team with skills for managing their energy more effectively and minimizing time lost in creative fatigue.

Communicate with Clarity

Build productive internal communication skills so your team can effectively work through group challenges and creative tensions.

Unleashing Creativity

Those in creative industries are at higher risk for mental health issues. This workshop teaches the best ways for addressing these challenges so the creative process can thrive.

Navigating Trauma as a Team

Trauma has the potential to either disrupt or encourage the creative process. This educational training provides key information and best practices for navigating trauma as a team.

Interested in our Workshops?


Validate and de-stigmatize mental health by bringing an evidence-based perspective straight from the therapy office to your organization


Aaron brings a warm and personable approach in his discussions of the relationship between mental health and creativity. Our speaking events place your people at the core and involve a pre-event interview with your leaders to ensure our speaking topics are informed by your particular group.

Interested in a speaking event?

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