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Mental Health Check-In

Time commitment: Two to six hours over two sessions. Longer experiences include more focus on skill-building and takeaways. 

The goal of our Check-In is to help your team become better informed and empowered around their specific mental health needs. We validate these needs and coordinate with your leaders on an action plan to foster a culture of care and wellbeing.


  • Team members

    • Learn and reflect about their own mental health 

    • Acquire skills to benefit mental wellness

    • Discover the signs for when they or others need support, and how to seek the proper resources

  • Leaders

    • Become better informed on current team mental health needs

    • Receive training on techniques they can use at managerial and organizational levels to improve team wellness


Team Workshop Session:

The Team Workshop is an inclusive and engaging experience where we check in with where everyone is at in terms of mental health. This people-driven event is broken down into three parts.

Re-center - Evaluation

We use a fun and engaging people-led approach to discovering team needs. Using interactive polling in real time, your people point us to their direct needs. These topics become the focus of our workshop.

Re-engage - Education

Now that we know clearly where your people need support, we can teach the right material. We share evidence-based education and skills, which your team can immediately begin using to improve mental wellness.

Re-design - Implementation

Where we put it all together, we develop strategies with your team to integrate the learned skills into their life. Our process focuses on identifying the unique challenges of your people, and we create a custom action plan for your team members to continue practicing wellness through the future.

We then take the information gathered during the Team Workshop Session and create a Check-In Report. This resource helps guide your leaders in making better-informed wellness decisions.

Leadership Roundtable Session

One to three days later we meet with your leaders in a Leadership Roundtable where we review the Check-In Report findings together. We train your leaders on how to understand and respond to issues or patterns we’ve uncovered, so they are better prepared to support mental wellness in the organization.

Interested in this experience?

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