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Creative Coaching

Whether you're a career artist, entrepreneur, or pursuing a creative passion, our individual creative journeys can be challenging.

Working With Aaron

I'm here to remind you that it's possible to gain control of the messy creative process

Creativity is dynamic. It can liberate us, but it can also grab hold and steer us into some pretty bad places. Since the sources of inspiration often lay at the roots of our traumas, our creativity can shake our mental health, ruin relationships, or pull us into unhealthy habits and behaviors.


As a lifelong musician, I've been there. Our society gives mixed signals towards success in the arts, leaving many creatives isolated and confused. We're not taught how to have a healthy relationship with our creativity. While practicing therapy I saw the value of Self Actualization, a psychological state that is the highest realization of our potential, and brings a healthier relationship between ourselves and the world. While helpful in therapy, in a coaching context we can use this to discover more innovative ways towards reaching your self-actualized creativity.


Today I help creatives stay mindful and passionate through the mess of their journey, all while building a more rewarding creative lifestyle that serves them.

My creative coaching process involves:

  • Building self-worth by gaining clarity of the "why" behind your unique creative aspirations and talents

  • Stabilizing your creative life by managing responsibilities such as finance and family

  • Shaping your creative experience to continuously benefit (instead of hurt) your mental health

  • Planning, structure, and accountability for pursuing your creative goals sustainably over time

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