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Transformative Leadership Training

Time commitment: ½ to one day

In psychotherapy, self-actualization is the highest state of being we can reach. It’s when we’ve addressed our physical, mental, and emotional needs to the point of engaging the world with greater presence and clarity. It’s a big leap forward that comes from having a better organized sense of self. 

Think of the most inspiring leaders you’ve ever had, were they preoccupied with their own needs? Impactful leaders are able to transcend their internal limitations and biases. 

This ½ to full day training is built for individuals who are ready to make this leap forward. Beyond managerial skills and strategies, we follow a personalized path that reveals self-guided insights and discoveries of the important next steps to take in your leadership journey. 

Exercises will cover:

  • What are my inherent strengths and outdated weaknesses?

  • How do current personal challenges impact my interactions with others?

  • How do I define my ideal leadership style, and how can I ensure accountability in pursuing it?

  • What are healthy expectations for myself?

Your leaders explore these questions with a licensed therapist to better understand the real mental health challenges obstructing effective leadership.

We then take the reflections and insights from this process and organize them into a personal Transformational Leadership Plan. This plan becomes your leader’s unique blueprint of their own leadership vision, and is designed to guide them towards accountability and continued success in becoming the leader they want to be.

Interested in this experience?

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